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Little England

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our second day in Little England (Victoria) was spent exploring the nooks and crannies.  It is truly a beautiful place, with lots of lovely shops, great pubs, and superb restaurants.  

During our jaunt about the city, we found a wonderful place for breakfast...

Frank's Honeybun Cafe.  It is a charming place, where the owners welcome you, personally prepare and serve your breakfast.  

After a pleasant breakfast we headed to the historic Fan Tan Alley, where  we found a most delightful record shop, The Turntable.  

Disappointingly, there were no Tom Waits Lps, so onward we traveled to the Bard and Banker; a Scottish Pub in the heart of downtown Victoria. 

We selected fabulous brews from their wide selection of craft beers and enjoyed an appetizing grilled cheese sandwich.  

After a pleasing lunch, we strolled around the harbour and then headed to the Royal BC Museum.  

Despite a few scary moments, we enjoyed the museum and learned so much about the history of Aboriginal tribes in Victoria.  

We ended our day watching the water boats dance in the harbour to the music of Blue Danube.

Finally, we boarded a seaplane and settled in with spectacular views on the journey home.  

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