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Climb On!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I've been climbing indoors a lot lately and loving the challenge!   It is an ongoing physical and mental contest that keeps me coming back for more!  With that in mind, I wanted to share a few new items that I have found to enhance my climbing experience.   

Photo Courtesy of Giddy
Since I've started climbing, I've been told that my hands are feeling a bit "manly".  Giddy balm has been real a "hand" saver!  It is has a smooth and non-greasy texture and it really seems to help with soreness. Giddy balm comes in 3 different scents: Cooling Mint, Cedar Mint and Lavender.   The lavender is my favorite, but I am a fan of all things lavender.   

How to Rock Climb

This comprehensive guide is a great book for beginners!   You can only learn so much about climbing from a book, but pairing lessons from this book along with my experiences in the gym/outside has helped my form immensely.  


In the past I've used the Stick, which is great after running;   however, it doesn't really work so well when trying to roll your own arms.  I have now replaced it with the Thera-roll.  It is a foam roller that allows you to massage your own forearms and relieve tightness after climbing.  Also, found a link with a few great excercises to use with 

All Sport Bra

One of the most comfortable sports bras that I own!  I wear it running as well as climbing.  I am a bit modest, so I typically pair it with a simple tank

I am also including a few wish list items.  Even though they do not really benefit climbing, they are just too cute not to add.   Besides, it would be so unlike me to not have some sort of clothing or accessories on my list. ;)  

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Photo Courtesy of RockClimbingJewelry

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