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Welcome to the Jungle...

Monday, September 22, 2014

My husband has wanted to take a camping trip for some time,  so with the promise of fire roasted s'mores and maybe an overseas trip... I finally caved.  Thursday, we loaded up the car and headed towards the great outdoors; the Hoh Rainforest.   The rainforest is about a 5 hour trip from Seattle, but it is a great drive with lots of beautiful scenery along the way. 

 The place seems other wordly with lots of flora and fawna.  It is a place where you would expect to find fairies flitting about or trolls scurrying out of caves.  The pictures really do not do this place justice.  The water is turquoise and the trees are vibrantly green.  If trees aren't your thing, there are lots of creatures big and small to keep you entertained; shrews, elk, black bears, a range of birds, squirrels, spotted owls and so much more!  Like these cute little guys...

...banana slugs!

There are lots of trails; one for all skill levels.  The trails are well maintained and there isn't a whole lot of elevation gain.  We chose to hike to Five Mile Island, which is a 10 mile hike round trip.  Along the trail we experienced the old growth grandeur as well as views of the beautiful rain forest river.  

After camping in the mud with very little sleep, we packed the car and headed towards civilization.  

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