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Planet of the Apes

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Photo Courtesy of the Chimp Sanctuary Northwest

Spent some time this week with a great group of new friends; the chimps at Chimp Sanctuary Northwest.  The Chimp Sanctuary is a non-profit organization located about an hour outside of Seattle and is home to seven retired research chimpanzees; Burrito, Annie, Jody, Jamie, Negra, Missy, and Foxie.  The sanctuary was started in 2008 after founder Keith LaChapelle read a disturbing article about the capture and daily abuse of these wonderful creatures.  Fortunately, this information led Mr. LaChappelle to create one of the few chimpanzee sanctuaries in the United States.  Today,  the Cle Elum Seven spend their retirement years on a 26 acre reserve and enjoy a rich social life, but most importantly their FREEDOM.  

Check out the sanctuary here.
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