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Lamb Shank Redemption

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Memphis may be known for its barbeque, but the Emerald city is known for its plethora of  wonderful restaurants.  You can't turn a corner without finding a little treasure of a place, dashing with happy little patrons.  Not only is the food delicious, but the prices and the beer aren't bad either.  

However, deciding on just the right place can be overwhelming.  After much contemplation Thursday night, we settled on this wonderful little Meditteranean joint called Lola.  

We started with a refreshing spritzer.  

Followed by an appetizer, Dolmades.
By far the best dalmades I've tasted!  All ingredients are super fresh and are delivered daily from Lola's sustainable source, Prosser Farms.  The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is delicious!

For our main course I had the Haloumi Cheese Kabobs.   

While the hubs enjoyed the Anderson Leg of Lamb.

I may have been caught stealing a few bites.  ;)

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